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Trip to portugal follow my adventures

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Join me on a 3-month journey to Portugal and discover my adventures through my travel stories and stunning photos. Take advantage of my tips to explore the best destinations in Portugal, from Lisbon to Porto and the beautiful Algarve beaches. When I return, dive into my musical universe and explore my new creations. Don’t miss this unique adventure combining discovery and artistic expression!

The World Tour with Maryse and Dany, Travel, Tips, Budget, Stories, Photos and Travel Videos. Over 37 countries visited, a 4-year world tour (26 countries), and new destinations every year. Follow our adventures, preparations, budget, tips and tricks for cheap travel (backpacking, camping, hitchhiking…). Over 600 travel videos, and more than 20,000 photos. Like, share, and communicate with us! Maryse Guevin and Dany Thibault,

The blog is in french but you can easily translate!



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