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Danazoul – Mirage (Electronic Music)

Mirage Danazoul Electronic Music

Title: Mirage

A Sonic Journey into a World of Illusion and Magical Perceptions. Step into a realm of enchantment and let the electronic symphony of “Mirage” transport you to a world where reality blurs into illusion and magical perceptions reign supreme. This captivating melody is an invitation to embrace the extraordinary, to dance with the whimsical, and to revel in the boundless possibilities that lie within the depths of your imagination.

Duration: 00:04:11

Tempo: Moderate at 130 Bpm

Style: Electronic music

Created with: Fl Studio

ISRC: CA-RPJ-21-00005

Danazoul Electronic Music on Bandcamp

My music is on Bandcamp. It is possible to discover all of my creations there.
From this player, it is possible to buy this music if you like!

Once again thank you for the encouragement!

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