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EDM , Techno, Trance, Background music, Rave, Psychedelic, Ambient and more...!

Danazoul, artist name of Dany Thibault, is a Canadian electronic music composer and producer. Native of Abitibi Témiscamingue in Quebec.

Danazoul Electronic Music
EDM / Trance / Techno / Dance / Rave / Film / Ambient  / Psy …
Member of Ascap USA
Soproq Quebec, Canada

To listen the music, click on the album of your choice.The new stuff is in the latest album in progress! Thank you for your support!

Danazoul Electronic Music Album 1
43 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 2
18 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 3
23 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 4
20 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 5
22 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 6
In Progress
Danazoul Electronic Music in New zealand

About Danazoul Electronic Music

Danazoul (Dany Thibault), I am a computer assisted electronic music producer.
Member of Ascap USA

Original Publisher/ DANAZOUL

Soproq Canada 
Bandcamp and Imusician distribution

I compose different styles including Techno music, Trance, Rave, EDM, Dance, Film or ambient music.

Electronic music has been part of my life since I was young!

Some of my compositions have been used by DJs all over the world !

I invite you to share it as much as possible! It’s always interesting to have that kind of appreciation!

Although the music today is partly free on streaming sites, I still invite you to encourage me by going to my shopping links or as appropriate make me offers depending on the project. You will thus help me for better productions to come.

I am a shadow composer, I am not on stage.

Among the artists that I really appreciate, I can cite you:

Dash Berlin | Emma Hewitt | Markus Schulz | Paul van Dyk | Tiesto | David Guetta | Boris Brejcha | Armin van Buuren | Martin Garrix | Alan Walker | Marshmello | Charlotte de Witte | Viviana Casanova | Marie Vaunt …

The incredible Tomorowland!

Music Distribution

My music is currently not available on DJ Record Pools like Franchise Record Pool | iDJPool | My MP3 Pool | Digital DJ Pool | Djcity … but do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in certain pieces for an event.

It is possible to find my electronic music on different platforms:

I distribute it with the help of Imusician an independent online music distribution service based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is therefore found on more than 250 platforms around the world.

Among the largest, Itune | Amazon | Deezer | Spotify | Beatport | Junodownload …

I’ve had offers to work with record companies, but I’m pretty shy and contracts in general require a lot of investment. I am still open to offers!

Travel Around the world

I have visited more than 37 countries at the moment, including a 4-year round-the-world backpacking trip on a very low budget!


I am from Quebec in Canada, I am proud of my region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue!

I am French speaking, I speak a little English and Spanish.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy my music!

Don’t forget to share, comment, and like!
Encourage me by buying my music 🙂

Good listening !

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